What is an E-Nail?

For anyone unfamiliar, an E-Nail is a device used to vaporize cannabis concentrates, such as CBD or THC extracts. The conventional way to vaporize these concentrates was using a hand-torch to heat up a piece of quartz or titanium, but this delivers varying results and because of an open flame, it is rather unsafe. E-nails are digitally controlled heating devices that allow the user to keep a consistent heat setting so as to always get the best tasting and cleanest vapor possible.

Why are E-Nail’s so much better?

It’s physics, and electricity is changing the game. Classic hot-air and convection methods get close to a consistent temp, but they can’t match the precision of an electronic heating device. Hot air naturally fluctuates, so the heating chamber is constantly cooling and reheating to keep the temp where you want it. Some devices have reduced this fluctuation very well, but none are perfect by definition.

Flames from a torch are equally uncertain, and they risk introducing butane (though this isn’t really a major concern if you’re using the nail properly). Most importantly, they don’t directly affect the temperature; as soon as you heat a glass nail with a torch, it’ll start cooling down. That means you’re never going to know what temp you’re vaping at with any sort of confidence. They’re also potentially dangerous to keep lying around and can often require maintenance (such as fuel). [1]

An E-nail will also stay hot without the need for reheating (as with a torch), meaning it’s unmatched when it comes to group consumption. You keep the nail going and clamped onto your piece; no need for passing around a hot torch.

What makes our E-Nail’s different?

We are committed to making our E-nail controllers the most high-tech and safest on the market. By providing the user with both a touchscreen, and an Bluetooth interface, it has never been easier to tailor your E-nail settings to exactly fit your needs. Customization of E-nail settings combined with our proprietary PID temperature control allows for the best vaporizing experience possible and provides solutions for problems you didn’t even know you had. Changing up type of concentrate or size of your dab? Easily adjust temperature settings on the go with customizable preset buttons. Forget to turn your E-nail off when you are done? No longer a problem with a auto-shutoff with an variable timer function for your convenience.

Note: The nail still gets hot and must be used properly to maintain safety. In any regard, it beats an open flame along with most of what’s available in the vaporization world these days.

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